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PrimePaisa combines technical expertise and trading intelligence to catalyze change and deliver results and work for your benefit. Our founder Mr. Pankaj Jain has experience of the last seven years and is currently working in the stock market as a full-time professional trader and investor for the previous three years. The in-depth study of the last seven years and the urge to learn remains the same even today. Pankaj Ji didn’t have any mentor when he started, but he had so much passion for learning that he learned on his own and kept trying to learn from all his mistakes, and this learning journey continues even today. He found from his seven years of experience that almost 95% of the people are constantly sinking their hard-earned money and are not succeeding in this market. Our founders thought they could help market participants who are losing money because of lack of information and proper guidance by giving them appropriate advice about how to make money in this market with the right strategy. So he set up a company by the name of PrimePaisa Finserve Pvt Ltd; The company’s main objective is to provide mentorship to the people.

Many retail investors and traders have come to the market to make money. But in the absence of the correct information and not taking the right trading decision at the right time, they suffer huge losses. They trade without understanding their risk capacity and risk tolerance. So the main objective of PrimePaisa.com is to save the hard-earned money of innocent retailers and teach them to earn money consistently with the proper techniques and rational business decisions. PrimePaisa aims to provide market participants with the right strategy to make money in this market. We will continue to do this for you if you are with us. PrimePisa.com is a dynamic company established with the vision to take online financial education to a new level both in India and abroad. Guided by our mission to spread financial literacy, we constantly experiment with new education methods and technologies to make financial education convenient, effective, and accessible. 

Our courses are designed by some of the best experts in India. Being market professionals, they precisely understand what is needed to prepare you for the exciting career opportunities coming your way. We think that knowledge without confidence is like having a gun without bullets. That’s why we strictly focus on instilling both in our students. You will start to feel the difference as you progress through our courses.

our mission

Our Misssion

We want to make 50,000 Indian citizens smart traders, so that they can start their second income like smart traders, and live the life they want for themselves.

our vision


We believe that any human can learn from 14 years to 80 years and can get good earnings by learning.

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We Help To Prevent You From Selected Wrong Stocks

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Our Team

Our Awesome Team

Pankaj Jain - CEO & FOUNDER - PrimePaisa

Pankaj Jain

CEO & Founder


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