Exclusive Program for Traders to improve advanced Chart Reading Skills & Trading Strategies.

Start Your Trading Career with Full Time Trader, Mentor & Trend follower 


This is an extraordinary course, we work with you to enhance your trading skills,  We take you to the intensive depths of the stock market, where only 5% are smart traders, we teach you simple ways to read charts Understanding your pattern of Trading, We will learn you simplified Trading without any complicated patterns or indicators.

Only things that will be useful to you in the live market, no bookish knowledge, and these programs are for skill development to help you make your trading decisions. We tell you the secret ways of reading charts, so that you can easily understand the moves of big institutional traders, foreign investors traders on the charts. We teach you several trading strategies, which are used by large institutional investor traders to save their capital. We work to enhance your trading skills, in which you become a self-reliant trader investor.

TRADING MASTERY Program is your full time trading Mentor and stock market Expert with 10 years of stock market experience will share you many secrets being successful Trader in market, After completion of Trading Mastery Program, you will become expert in trading market After this training, you will have a trading perspective, you will have taken a step towards professional trading, and along with you will continue to get the support of your mentor because you are a PRIMEPAISA family member.

हम आपको सिखाएंगे CHART ANALYSIS करने के सरल तरीके |
बिना कोई INDICATOR के कैसे चार्ट को पढ़ा समझा जाता हैं |

What WIll You Learn AT
Trading MASTERY ?

Course Content
» Trading Psychology
» Trading Mindset
» Trading burning Problem
» Improving Decision Making Power
» Risk Management
» Trading Plan
» Types of Traders & Trading Styles
» Candle Stick Patterns & Advance Patterns
» Wick Vs Body – Importance of Candle Closing
» 15 Minutes Candle Vs 5 Minutes Candle
» Chart Patterns
» Support & Resistance in a Smart Way
» Identifying Trends
» Breakouts | Reversals | Retests
» Indicators & Oscillators (Only for Option Trading)
» IntraDay Super Setups for Higher Winning Rate
» Nifty/BankNifty Trading Setups
» Option Chain Analysis Overview
» F&O Open Interest Explanation
» Long Build-up | Short Buildup
» Long Unwinding | Short Covering
» Swing Trading Super Setups

» Trades Journalizing Tool
» Swing Trading Super SetUps
» DOW Theory
» Darvas Box Theory
» Elliott Wave Theory
» PrimePaisa Powerful Theory
» GAP Theory
» Bull-Bear Trap
» Long-Term Trading Strategies
» Stock Selection ProcessAvoiding Traps of Penny Stocks
» Penny Stock Secrets
» F&O Trading Most Simplified Way
» Selecting Correct Strike Price
» Correct Position Sizing in Option Trading
» Correct Stoploss in Option Trading
» Time Decay Decisions
» Simple Option Hedging Strategies
» Option Hedging for Traders with Trading Capital 15 Lakh
» Option Buying for Traders with Trading Capital 1 Lakh
» Option Trading for Traders with Trading Capital 5 Lakh
» F&O Hedging Strategies with Trading Capital 15+more


»Swing Trading Strategies With Small SL.
» Trading Psychology In Advanced Level Like Professional.
» Secrets Of Price Action With Psychology Observation.
» How To Make 15 To 20% Return In Medium Term Basis Without Risk
Low Risk.
» How To Study Charts Without Any Indicators With Payor Logic.
» Penny Stocks Trading Secrets In Advance.
» How To Build A Small Cap Multibagger Share Portfolio.
» How To Build Penny Shares Portfolio.
» How To Find Out High Risk High Reward Shares In Extreme Short

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Your Training Will Be The One In The  Live Market And The Mentor  Will Also Trade With You,  Then You Too Can Manage Your Risk  And Make Trades And Earn Profits  And Bring Your Investment Back  Home. In This Way This Training  Becomes Absolutely Free, ie No Risk.


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Who wants to start a second business and learn how to make money out of money. Generating consistent income without spending more than 15mins a day.


A Full-time working professional who wants to make a consistent passive income without spending more than 15mins a day.


Who wants to make an income and manage household work without going outside for work. A work from home opportunity for all home-makers.


Who wants to grow their money-making skill and generate income through the stock market consistently. An opportunity to learn how to trade the stock market as a business.

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Frequently asked questions

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Yes, this training is only to make you a self-dependent trader.

The training will be live for 2 days in the weekend and will be for 16 days, the information of which will be given to you, you will also get the information about the training that will be held live in the market from time to time, in your group, you will find the rest of the information in our brochure.

You will get information about whether the training will be live through zoom meeting or through online medium.

You will keep getting detailed updates of the course on our website Your login details will be mailed to you within 30 minutes of making the payment.

Here you are taught many ways of easy trading in share market.








The duration of the course is approximately 32 hours, the training is live, and the validity of the course is 6 months. In addition, your live market sessions are completely free training, in which you can also trade live markets with support,

This is a complete course and you do not need to pay for updates that will be added to the course over time

Most of my students are office goers and they are doing well in trading as they can get the charting platform in mobile browser and app. My (Open price based) trading strategies allow you to complete trading activity within 10.30 am.

Click on the Enrol button in the page and complete the transaction. You will receive an email with username and password for login in to the course website. You can use Debit card /Credit card/ Gpay/ UPI/Wallets for buying this course,

This is a live training, in which we work with you to enhance your skills, with limited seats, we believe that you will not get any benefit from the recorded course, that’s why we have kept this trading absolutely live, but You will definitely be called for revision sessions from time to time.

No any special information required we will help you.

You will get information about whether the training will be live through zoom meeting or through online medium.

The Trading Mastery training teaches you how to read charts in a simple way without relying on indicators, how to set up trades, and much, much more.

You can access the course online through PC/Mac/Mobile device. (browser)

There are three channels to clear your doubts.

  1. FB Private Group
  2. Integrated Curriculum Discussion Forum
  3. WhatsApp Support.

Presently the courses are in Hindi language only. But anyone can understand because it is in simple language tone.

No. You can access the charting in mobile browser/android app/ios app also. You Just need a browser with an Internet Connection.

Yes. You can access the charting platform in Android App store , also you can see the charting in mobile browser also

No, we do not provide any buy/sell recommendations. But to support you, we definitely share trading IDEAS with you with complete planning.

No, it’s a one-time payment, and you get 6 months of personal support along with the course.

You can comfortably buy/sell using the strategies provided for futures by selecting ITM CE/PE options. You can use the momentum move in futures charts to place buy/sell options.

You will get the course material in the form of a brochure, please go through it.

There is no minimum capital requirement, you can start with as little as 5000 in your trading account. Also, it is best to start small and once you have confidence in our strategies you can increase your capital.

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