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Simplify your trading with pure knowledge of Price Action. Get live market Training with simple Chart Analysis Techniques to be a consistent trader. No Complicated fancy Indicators & Patterns.

Simple Yet Influential Trading & Investment Learning

The live mentorship program aims to make you an Independent professional trader Analyst. who knows when to enter trades and book big profit . By Incorporating multiple strategies to suit every professional trader's style With Simple Chart Analyses, we provide you with simple chart analyses Technics For Finding quality mid-cap, large-cap and sometimes even smaller companies to find trading opportunities.

Want To Create Wealth ?

It is a fact that a person mainly invests their money in investment/Trade products without any knowledge because they get distracted by hearing small talk here and there. They go through many media channels and tips providers and drown their entire earnings in the stock market. They don't know what they should do in the stock market. That's why most people don't make good money, and we don't even claim to make money.

We Provide You with Live Market Training Become an independent trader chart expert in 90 Day's training program. So, you must be wondering how can we help you? We will provide you with training to help you learn how to invest or trade in the market. We have built in a number of tools to assist you along with your market investing/trading journey. We have been in this market for almost seven years. With so much experience we have trained many traders and they are now able to create great trading opportunities and profits for themselves and those they know.

Who We Are !

PrimePaisa Gurukul is the best stock market institute that provides the most simplified and to-the-point stock market Live Training from the scratch for beginners & Traders. We are committed to creating a number of independent trader charts and expert analysts who can Find their own trading opportunities themselves.

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